Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in a Luxury Market

Buying or selling a home in a luxury market can be really tough. Finding the right real estate agent for the luxury market can be even more difficult. Think about it—you have a smaller group who’s interested in the exchange, a must need for local market trends, and someone who sees you as more than another transaction to bolster their real estate star. That’s just the beginning. There are many points of consideration to ponder when one is looking for in a Real Estate agent when they are in a luxury market like Atlanta.



You will be developing a relationship with an agent. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Then ask yourself if they are asking you the right questions? One of the biggest factors in the relationship is knowing what the buyer or seller expects from the relationship. A good agent will want to spend time with you to get a good feel what your expectations. When you have a better understanding of needs, the higher likelihood success will be achieved.


2—The Market

How well do they know the area? Are they concentrated to serve one area, like Buckhead, inside the Atlanta market area? Or are the representing folks from an affluent suburb like Johns Creek or Eagles Landing? Do they know market trends, what’s hot, etc? What kind of development might be coming or going that might drive or decrease values?


3—Your Home

How can we make your home stand out? Those marble counter tops are lovely, but they’re also lovely in many other homes on the market. A home must stand above the rest. Every home tells a story. Maybe there’s a wonderful wine cellar hidden below the kitchen. Or an outdoor patio that’s been entertainment central for family and friends for years? Or the upstairs bedrooms that were filled with the echoes of children laughing as they grew up in that home? The right agent will tap into the individual strengths of a home and use those features to define it.


4—Staging and Photography

Never skimp here. It is paramount to work with professionals. These pros can walk into a room and instantly see where the best shots are. Then there are the stagers. They are a must have to selling any home. They’ll use their talents to set up a home in order to raise curb appeal and gather the “Wow!” one wants to hear when anyone enters the room. Consider the use of a drone for aerial shots.



If you’re buying or selling a luxury home, you may not want to share that with the general public. You don’t want to end up with an agent that will use your home as a bragging point for climbing social ladders. A good agent understands the need for discretion and will honor your wishes. We want to promote the property and not the name.



Sometime an agent might call themselves an expert for luxury homes, but after the initial meeting, they are gone and represented by an underling at every subsequent meeting, even the closing. Will this agent be there from start to finish? 

Those are just a few of the crucial thoughts you should consider. One Atlanta agent who’s set a high standard is Betsy Akers. Her years of experience speak volumes for her success. In fact, she was ranked the No 1. Individual Agent in Atlanta for Atlanta REALTORS® in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. Betsy will guide you through the entire process, attending every showing and ensure serious buyers. This includes Betsy handing each contract herself to assure you with the best results. She builds on that trust with each client. Please reach out to Betsy today.